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NVH Medicinal is a private company developing genetically engineered protein-based therapies for hemostasis and regenerative medicine.

Our products are based on novel ECM-derived protein scaffolds as an emerging technology for tissue engineering. Based on a proprietary methodology and technology, NVH Medicinal has developed a first-in-class engineered recombinant collagen-like protein with a potent biological activity.

Moreover, leveraging its expertise in protein engineering, NVH Medicinal is also a customized services provider in the field of recombinant protein. In so doing, we have gathered our expertises with that of the Cancer Center Georges-François Leclerc in an innovative integrated platform, named ENGICARE®, which provides a wide-range of advanced customized services, from protein conception to biological validation.
To support its development, NVH Medicinal is part of two GIE (Economic interest groups): PharmImage® (dedicated to pharmaco-imaging) and ENGICARE® (dedicated to recombinant proteins) and has numerous partnerships and collaborations with public institutions (CHU Dijon, Burgundy University and CNRS, CGFL and the Center for biological Resources).

our products

NVH-020 is a first-in class recombinant collagen-like protein belonging to a new class of engineered protein now referred as recombinamer with potent platelet activity.

Biomedical applications of NVH-020 extend to homeostasis to tissue engineering with a use as hemostat in medical devices, as a biologic scaffold for constructive tissue, as an inducer of endogenous tissue regeneration and as an adhesive protein for engineered stem cell niches.

Finally, NVH-020 exhibits a potent von Willebrand factor binding activity which makes it a useful tool for the assessment of von Willebrand factor diseases.



A unique and differentiated commercial offer to speed up the development of recombinant protein-based products

Engicare® is an innovative integrated platform born from the collaboration between NVH Medicinal®, a biotech company with a strong expertise in biomolecule engineering and bioproduction and regional anticancer center preclinical imaging platform, both with robust skills in biological in vitro / in vivo studies.

We gathered our expertises to provide our clients with a wide-range of advanced customized research services, from recombinant protein conception to biological validation.

Our goal : to facilitate and accelerate the development of your protein-based products by proposing a unified study process for a large range of expertises.

Customized engineered-derivative or chimeric recombinant proteins. Conception of new engineered-protein using rational design (synthetic biology) • DNA vector construction • Protein production (mg-g) from bacteria or mammalian cells (HEK, CHO) • Stable cell line generation • Protein purification • Process optimization • In vitro ligand binding activity • In vitro assessment of bioactivity • Custom-tailored cell-based models • In vitro immuno-genicity risk assessment • In vivo pharmaco-kinetics and biodistribution • Proof of efficacy studies in a wide range of experimental models of human pathologies • In vitro cell-disease models • In vivo animal models • Evaluation of customized imaging companion diagnostics • INCa accredited center of early phases clinical trials in oncology (Phase 1) • 20-25 % patients included in biomedical research studies



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